Warehouse handling solutions: an essential overview

Having effective warehouse handling solutions means that your factory or warehouse can run as smoothly as possible.


This blog will give an essential overview of everything you need.

Warehouse handling solutions are essential for warehouses to operate effectively on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to managing your warehouse, products that you need usually come in three categories. These are products for:

  1. Health and safety, such as machine guarding
  2. Movement, such as trolleys and gantries
  3. Storage, such as stillages and cages


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  In this article, we’re going to give an essential overview of warehouse handling solutions by explaining the importance of effective material handling and listing some of the products that every warehouse should have.  

What is material handling in a warehouse?

Material handling in a warehouse refers to the procedures that take place within a warehouse in relation to the products and materials. This may include the movement, storage, and/or distribution of goods and products. The activities and procedures that take place within the warehouse all fall under the umbrella of material handling.  

What is the importance of material handling?

Material handling, particularly effectively warehouse solutions, are crucial for three main reasons:

  1. Health and safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Productivity

The health and safety of workers in a warehouse should always be a priority for management teams. Without appropriate material handling equipment, such as gantry ladders, the safety of employees could be compromised. The other two factors (efficiency and productivity), are more important for the business of the warehouse. With the most appropriate material handling solutions, such as trolleys made bespoke to your specific needs, you can increase your warehouse’s efficiency, leading to an increase in productivity, which in turn will result in a thriving business.  

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Warehouse handling solutions: Safety

As we’ve already discussed, warehouse safety is crucial. There are several ways to increase warehouse safety, including having effective PPE, keeping warehouses tidy, and having effective signage. Another crucial element of warehouse safety is having the appropriate safety equipment. When it comes to safety, there are plenty of solutions and products that your warehouse should have. Some examples include; handrails, barriers, protectors, machine guarding and gantry ladders. Through having these safety solutions in place, you will minimise the risk of injury. We’ve worked with the global billion-dollar company, Amazon, who wanted to improve their warehouse safety. The company needed protection systems for the ends of their aisles to prevent damage. Noting the importance of safety within warehouses, we created the perfect protection system that would decrease any damage done to either staff or to the products themselves. Read more about this warehouse safety project here.  

Warehouse handling solutions: Movement

Movement is possibly one of the most common thought-of aspects of warehouse handling. When it comes to moving your goods, there are numerous products you could use. Ranging from heavy duty trolleys and trucks, to flatbed trolleys, overhead, and mobile gantries, the range of movement solutions is almost endless! Here at CSM, we fully understand the importance of warehouse handling solutions that meet your specific needs. That’s why we design, and manufacture movement solutions adapted to your custom specifications and warehouse needs. Often, this is the best solution. When you’re moving specific goods and products, you want a truck or trolley that’s going to be able to do the job specified effectively. Whether that’s having the ability to easily turn, lift a heavy load, or carry an awkward-shaped product, often a custom trolley is the smartest decision when it comes to choosing your movement-related solutions. Working again with Amazon, our team created a custom trolley that would suit their needs perfectly. With specific weight and functionality requirements, the bespoke trolley that we created has since allowed Amazon to work more efficiently and productively. Read more about the custom warehouse trolleys for Amazon here.  

Warehouse handling solutions: Storage

As with movement in warehouses, there are plenty of options when it comes to storing your warehouse products and goods. Shelving and racking are common storage solutions. As explained in our industrial racking services page; “shelving is typically used for storing smaller, lighter goods, whereas racking is designed for access by forklifts and other automated systems, rather than by hand.” Another option for storage is also the use of cages and stillages. Cages and stillages are advantageous because they help to maximise space whilst keeping your warehouse organised. Stillages also offer the benefit of separating goods more easily and efficiently than using shelving and racking.  

Custom warehouse handling solutions

As we’ve explained, having appropriate warehouse handling solutions is imperative to the efficient running of any warehouse. But what helps this process is when you have custom solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. A trolley is no good in a warehouse if it can’t hold the weight of your goods, and a stillage is almost useless if it’s not durable or big enough. Here at CSM, we will discuss your specific needs with you, from full factory installations through to the removal of redundant equipment. We’ll then work with you to deliver the best and most efficient warehouse handling solutions that are designed to solve your challenges. The products we manufacture will allow your business to operate as efficiently as possible.  

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