Aisle Protection Systems

Aisle Protection Systems for Amazon


Customised Sheet Metal were approached by global multinational technology company, Amazon, for the first of many projects, to design a protection system that could be fitted to each end of their aisles in their warehouses. These protection systems would be in place to take the impact from any collisions and prevent damage.


CSM were given a blank canvas to work from, meaning that the senior engineers had to discuss initial ideas. 

There were two main points to deliberate:

  1. The material used for making the protection systems 
  2. Which manufacturing process would be used for this project.

Here’s the solution CSM provided for Amazon and the outcome.


It was decided that, because of its strength, durability and flexibility, Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) would be used for the project. 

With its good shock and drop resistance properties, it makes for the excellent material to withstand impacts without too much damage. This would be perfect in protecting warehouse aisles from any impact damage.

Initial prototypes of original designs were installed on site. These were then observed over a two-week period to evaluate how the product would cope in the environment, and whether it would withstand the impact of trolleys.

The performance of the prototypes was high, with only a few alterations having to be made to the design.

For manufacturing the product, both injection moulding and plastic machining were considered. However, it was decided that these systems wouldn’t be as cost efficient or effective as the final chosen method, which was rotational moulding.

The mould designs were made and the tooling was manufactured alongside several bespoke jigs to help speed up the production process.


Amazon were very happy with the results and placed an initial order of 300 units.

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