Trolleys for Amazon.


Amazon is an multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce and cloud computing.

Their warehouses are so large, that an employee once claimed he walked a staggering 13 miles during a working day.

They have an extensive and expanding logistics network – one that needs expert warehouse solutions for effectiveness and productivity.

The challenge

After researching the best warehouse solutions, Amazon came to us and requested that we help them to design and create a new trolley which fitted their brief. They asked that their bespoke trolley would be:

– Easy to operate and control
– Could be lifted by forklift trucks
– Withstand 150 kg weight
– Functional in use and when transported to depots around the world

The solution

We listened to their specific requirements – designing and creating a bespoke trolley which would be easy to operate, manage to carry a heavy load and be usable across the globe. We created their trolley from robust aluminium.

The results

Amazon found the trolley incredibly useful in all their warehouses as it allowed employees to safely lift and relocate goods and products in their warehouses – and were incredibly happy with the finish.