Aluminium coping sections

Aluminium coping sections for civic offices


CSM was approached regarding the design and manufacture of complex aluminium coping sections, replicating existing handmade stone copings on the main Bridgend Council Civic Building.  Aluminium coping sections had to blend with the bought in profiles and follow the original stone copings.


The new work had to be totally sympathetic with the style and age of the building, whilst creating a solution to the 14 number varied intersections of the existing stone copings.  Due to the shape of the building, it was impossible to replace the original parts. Compounding the technical challenge was a very tight timescale for the manufacture and on-site installation (scaffolding coming down!).

Another major challenge was the manufacture of the parts without any drawings, CAD data or any guidance to design.  Therefore, there was a necessity to fully assess and create such data as a starting point. This entailed numerous visits, complicated with on-site health and safety concerns.



Images were taken of the existing stone copings, and scanned as part of the process in creating complex CAD data files.  These files were used in the fabrication of products which were then laid over the existing stonework. Due to numerous complexities, varieties of angles and irregular slopes, this proved to be a very effective and efficient process.


There were different angles, twists, irregular slopes and profiles to assess and accommodate which was very challenging so completing the work proved very rewarding and satisfying also taking into account the suppliers of the section were unable to provide a solution so the customer was delighted with our service and the end results aesthetically.

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