Wine racks

Custom wine racks for Heronston Hotel’s dining room.


Customised Sheet Metal was approached by an existing customer in the hotel industry. The client was refitting a dining room in one of their hotels and required a bespoke design and installation of wine racks for the room.


The challenge for this project was that the client had a large space which they wanted to fully utilise, meaning the case had to be relatively big but also fit in a very specific space.

The wine storage solution also needed to be appealing to the eye, suit the design of the room, and easy to store the wine in.

The final challenge was that the client had a strict budget to stick to, meaning that designs would have to be considerate of cost.


CSM’s technical designer examined the customer’s vision and developed a drawing for approval before the manufacturing could begin.

Ensuring the final design could be created in line with the client’s budget, the final product that CSM developed was a walk-in wine room with stunning wine racks from floor to ceiling.


The client was thrilled with the finished product, calling the wine storage solution an “asset to the dining room”.

The new wine space looks luxurious and high-end, fitting perfectly with their new decor. It also saves space and allows the hotel to be more efficient in serving its  customers going forward.

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