An elegant stainless steel staircase

A custom-made stainless steel staircase for a newly-built home


This project was for a newly built home in Swansea. The private home had a light, spacious, simple and contemporary interior, so it was a requirement that the custom staircase match this design and feel.


The client requested an elegant balustrade to fit with the general design of the house. The brief specified that the balustrade must look effortless, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the interior.

From this point, we carefully considered the client’s brief and our design team began sketching ideas and to create something which would suit all their needs.


The customer chose to use stainless steel as the material to form the balustrade. Our sheet metal fabrication experts used the method of bending and forming to produce the product.

This piece was made completely bespoke and individual for the client to ensure that it would perfectly match their house design.


The staircase balustrade was an artistic masterpiece which the client was delighted with. It fitted the brief exactly and continues to make a lasting impression in the room.

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