Cooking basket

Onion cooking basket for manufacturer


CSM were commissioned to design and manufacture an onion cooking basket. The client was a multi-million pound manufacturer of dips, deli fillers and soups for the UK’s leading grocery retailers and foodservice operators.

The challenge

Prior to working with CSM, the client had been using a basket that was not fit for purpose. Their previous basket had angle frames with overlapping joints, which subsequently caused the basket to house a large number of dirt traps. This meant that the basket was difficult to clean.  

The client therefore required CSM to design an onion cooking basket that was fit for purpose. The basket needed to be free from dirt traps, easy to clean, and to be made from food grade steel. The basket also needed to provide a sturdy frame structure with reinforced edges so it could be used efficiently in a demanding manufacturing environment.


The solution

CSM designed a structure with a flush inner carcass, removing dirt traps and making the product easy to use and clean. The basket was also manufactured from 316 food-grade stainless steel which was suited to the client’s requirements.

The results

After three versions of the basket were designed and tested, the customer was delighted with the final design and referred to it as ‘handsome’. They then proceeded to order a further two!