Bespoke warehouse solutions and material handling equipment

Commercial Ladders

As long time manufacturers of bespoke metal solutions, we understand just how crucial employee safety is in the warehouse environment....

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Warehouse Pallet Racking and Handling Solutions

Running an efficient pallet storage warehouse and maximising the use of all available space is a key factor for a...

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Industrial Racking

Maximising your storage space is a cost-efficient move that benefits any business, especially those in the logistics and manufacturing industry...

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Bespoke Mesh and Roll Cages Manufacturer

Customised Sheet Metal (CSM) provides a full range of warehouse storage and stock handling solutions. If you need stock moving...

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Warehouse trolleys

Whether you have a full design in mind or just a brief of the trolley you need, we can create...

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Warehouse solutions

Our expert team has been creating material handling equipment for warehouses for over 20 years, and are ready to resolve...

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We offer many bespoke metal fabrication solutions at CSM, ranging from products aimed at transporting goods across a factory floor, storing items or gaining access to certain heights.

As part of this range, we have designed our own metal racking, mesh cages and shelving solutions, made to spec for simple eye level storage in small areas, as well as for heavy-duty mass storage operated via forklift. As with all of our products we aim to ensure we can cater to the client. Should you require shelving that is adjustable or needs any other specific features, we can always incorporate this into our design and manufacturing process.

Some of our other bespoke warehousing solutions include trolleys for transporting goods and our range of access ladders and metal steps. The trolleys can be customised to meet intended use, so factoring in the weight of the load you will transport, and our ladder range offers the full standard range of access, fixed ladders, wall ladders and metal steps. Each of our access products is made with the highest level of safety implementation into the structure of each design, ensuring a steady and reliable platform for any user.