Industrial Racking

Maximising your storage space is a cost-efficient move that benefits any business, especially those in the logistics and manufacturing industry where product storage flow is part of the day-to-day operations.

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Offering both industrial shelves and racking, we have services that cater to assisting with the storage of smaller products in smaller spaces, as well as forklift accessible mass steel storage racking systems.

Having extensive knowledge of metalwork means we provide these solutions with a guarantee of high-quality manufacturing, delivering a final product that fulfils its purpose and offers long term reliability.

Our service

When choosing CSM as your logistics solutions service provider, you are calling on decades of experience in designing and manufacturing metalwork products. The passionate designers and engineers in our team are able to create quality products, using different metals that we have identified as best suited to each range we offer, based on their natural metallic properties. This is what has seen us deliver solutions that have left clients satisfied with every installation or delivery we have made over the years. 

Our industrial warehouse and factory steel metal racking systems are designed to this same standard. They are made with the highest quality of care, mechanical engineering and sourced materials, to create solutions that are purposeful and meet the customised specifications of any use a client may have.

Our expertise and manufacturing versatility has satisfied clients in many industries, be it logistics solutions or interior design. There is a high standard of quality present throughout all of our products, such as our range of industrial warehouse metal racking and shelving solutions. Combining an understanding of quality aesthetics and an ever-present substance to what we do, we provide products that fit practical purposes in addition to being visually appealing. More specific to our commercial range of metal racking and shelving, we understand the necessary emphasis on structural strength and reliability, which we deliver to a tee.

Why our metal racking and shelving solutions?

Our heavy-duty industrial warehouse racking and shelving units are all made with sturdy metals, created with designs that best emphasise these properties in the form of structurally strong metal racking and shelving

Our industrial warehouse and factory storage solutions are made to spec and can accommodate the customised preferences of clients, be it the required size or shape, or the need for adjustability. Along with this we provide products that undergo extensive safety and stress tests to ensure that there is a minimised risk of accident or overuse. 

Heavy-duty industrial storage can be a health hazard, so having solutions that are long-lasting and do not succumb to vulnerabilities in their structure. We ensure that we are able to offer the full benefits of each product in this range, and we do not cut corners. This means that in any warehouse setting and for any storage purpose, these solutions all offer themselves as the best in quality for the task at hand.

Getting in touch

With decades in the industry, we are used to picking up the phone to curious enquirers who we hope to make clients of ours. Our expertise in our professional fields as well our people skills is why we are so adept at finding solutions and executing them for our clients. When it comes to reliable storage solutions, getting in touch with us today ensures you reduce the risks of workplace accidents through faulty storage system installation. 

We are always happy to provide consultation, whether you know what you are looking for and need pointing in the right direction, or need advice on what solution best fulfils your requirements, we are the team to call. 

Whether you have a specific plan in mind, or just a brief of what you need, our team can either work from the design you bring us, or creatively draw up ideas to match your brief.

We offer a complete end-to-end service. From the moment you get in contact with us until your job is completed, our team will always be on hand to ensure you receive products that fit your specific needs.

We will work collaboratively with you on bringing your bespoke metal shelving to life, ensuring that your specific requirements will be met.

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