Sheet Metal Fabrication

We manufacture products for a broad variety of industry sectors using a variety of refined processes including cutting, bending and forming. Every project is approached with precision and skill for high-quality metal fabrications that match your brief.

Our sheet metal fabrication services include:

Our team of skilled team of highly-skilled welding engineers are on hand to produce a variety of projects in a wide range of metals and finishes. From GTAW welding to stud welding – all of our projects are assembled by the best in the industry.

Bending and forming
With over 20 years of bending and forming experience, our metal fabrication department can bend or form any sheet metal between 1mm and 4m in length. We can work with metal to exacting tolerances – so no project is too difficult.

Sheet metal rolling is a process in which sheet metal is passed through a series of carefully calibrated rolls. The sheet is rolled until the desired width is reached. It’s the best process for forming sheet metal cylinders, curved faces, cones and radiused panels.

Our range of brackets cover a number of applications where you are needing heavy duty brackets for stability and strength.

Quality is key

Our ultimate goal is to complete our metal fabrication projects to the highest quality, with a polished and first-class product at the end of the process. Our processes have been refined over the past 27 years and we’re proud to have the specialist industry UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations. We’re committed to investing in our team and company so you can be assured that your metal fabrications are created with industry-leading expertise and care.

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