Industrial Metal Bracket Manufacturer

Are you looking for a manufacturer who can create bespoke metal brackets for your warehouse or commercial unit? You’re in the right place if so.

We manufacture a wide range of metal brackets for industrial, commercial and construction applications. Whether you need L shaped brackets to secure a free-standing shelf,  or stainless steel brackets to support heavy duty items , we create a product that meets your needs. We can work with you on design and planning, or work to your

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Always bespoke

We understand that every project is different, which is why we provide custom brackets to specifically suit your requirements. We take the dimensions of the shelving, racking or beams that require the brackets, and produce a product that is strong, durable and fit for purpose. We can manufacture your specialist brackets from your drawings, dxf files, or simple hand sketches so that you can be confident your brackets are made exactly as requested.

Understanding your production goals

There’s no project too big or too small for us to do. Whatever your goal, we are passionate about creating the right product for you, whether it’s a corner bracket, shelf bracket, or angle bracket. We carefully listen to what you need and design a bracket that fits your brief, right down to the last detail. If you’re unsure about what type of bracket you need and what metal should be used, we will help guide you in the right direction for your application.

Quality is key

Our ultimate goal is to complete our metal fabrication projects to the highest quality, with a polished and first-class product at the end of the process.

Our processes have been refined over the past 29 years and we’re proud to have the specialist industry UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations.

We’re committed to investing in our team and company so you can be assured that your metal fabrications are created with industry-leading expertise and care.


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