Bespoke Metal Brackets

Are you looking for a manufacturer to create quality custom metal brackets that join or support just about anything you can imagine? As one of the leading metal bracket manufacturers in the UK, Customised Sheet Metal (CSM) is a company well placed to meet your needs.

Custom-made metal brackets with intricate design details, suitable for heavy-duty support

With around three decades in the metal fabrication industry, a skilled workforce, and a factory workshop with the very latest in computer-controlled precision machinery, we can make custom steel brackets and even custom iron brackets that solve those quirky joining problems that crop up regularly.

And of course, strength and accuracy are critical factors when fabricating metal brackets. We guarantee that our CNC milled and precisely drilled brackets will be accurate to exacting tolerances and with the necessary load-bearing capacity to meet engineering specifications. 


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If you need bespoke or custom brackets, CSM can help

Bespoke brackets are essential when standard off-the-shelf brackets cannot fulfill a client’s requirements.

These unique needs can arise due to various factors, for example unconventional space dimensions, complex environments, load-bearing capacities, or aesthetic considerations.

In industries like architecture, construction, automotive, and manufacturing, where precision and functionality are paramount, bespoke brackets offer a helpful solution.

At CSM, we are experts in working with clients to come up with custom solutions, and then if required, are able to scale them to produce high volumes.

Custom-crafted metal brackets with detailed workmanship for specialised installationsHow are bespoke brackets manufactured?

Not every space or fixing is the same, that’s why some situations require bespoke brackets.

Crafting bespoke brackets begins with detailed discussions to understand requirements, as well as volumes and timelines. Working with you we’ll develop a plan, timeline and quotation – as well as a design to work from.

Our skilled fabricators work from our designs, and in turn shape metals with precision tools. Careful attention to detail ensures alignment with the brief and design. Quality checks are routine, leading to high quality brackets, ready for delivery to your door.


Custom metal bracket fabrication for the construction industry

We manufacture a wide range of metal brackets for industrial, commercial and construction applications. If you need custom made brackets for timber framing, roof rafters, girders or any other use related to house building simply let us know what you need.

If you are considering metal cladding for your roof or walls, we can not only supply specialist fixing brackets but we can also fabricate cladding sheets to work perfectly with the brackets we manufacture.


Custom bracket fabrication for storage systems

Whether you need L-shaped brackets in a warehouse to secure a free-standing shelf or stainless steel brackets to support heavy-duty items like pallets, we create custom metal shelf brackets that allow you to design efficient racking systems and improve your warehouse workflow rate.

Our consultants can work with you to design systems that fully utilise the space in your warehouse. Designing bespoke brackets to support cantilever storage racks, brackets to support rack and shelf systems and even dynamic brackets that allow you to make the final adjustments for perfect levelling and support.


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Working to your exact requirements

We like to think that the quality of the service and the level of customer collaboration and service we offer makes us stand out from other metal bracket manufacturers. We are capable of accommodating bulk orders if needed, but we are also happy to come up with a single bracket to solve a unique problem.

Whatever your goal, we are passionate about creating the right product for you.  We carefully listen to what you need and design a bracket that fits your brief, right down to the last detail. If you’re unsure about what type of bracket you need and what metal should be used, we are here to help.


Quality is key

Having honed our skills and our systems for 3 decades, we understand metal fabrication and having manufactured thousands of them, we think we understand bespoke metal brackets too. Our ultimate goal is to complete our metal fabrication projects to the highest quality and present our customers with a first-class finished product.


Working to Industry Standards

We’re proud to have the specialist industry UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations. We also have our own apprentice induction and training scheme that allows the unrivalled skill sets and the high standards we set, to cascade down through the workforce. We’re committed to investing in our team and company so you can be assured that your metal fabrications are created with industry-leading expertise and care.


Value for money

And of course, by dealing with us you are dealing directly with the manufacturers. This means that not only do you get access to our custom metal bracket fabrication expertise, you also get value for money by cutting out the middleman. 


Case Studies

We understand that trust needs to be earned. Set your mind at rest by having a look at some case studies proving that some very big and well-known brands have already benefited from calling in the experts for their metal fabrication projects.

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