What can I use as a splashback in my kitchen? 3 good options

Are you wondering ‘what can I use as a splashback in my kitchen?’ Don’t worry, CSM have got you covered by explaining 3 good options for splashbacks.

Whether you’ve just moved to a new house and want to re-style the kitchen, you’re renovating a professional kitchen, or you just fancy a change, the splashback you choose will have an impact on the whole room.

If you’re in this position, you might not know where to start and may be asking yourself ‘what can I use as a splashback in my kitchen?’. This article will list 3 good options worth considering.

As you read through the 3 options, when thinking ‘what is the best kitchen splashback for me?’ you may want to consider a few key factors including cost, stylishness, and perhaps most importantly, hygiene. For these reasons, we’d recommend metal splashbacks, particularly for their cleanliness.


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Discover more about metal splashbacks further down in this post. But for now, let’s get started with the pros and cons of glass splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks – the pros and cons

Using glass splashbacks isn’t a hugely common choice, but they do have some advantages.

Due to the fact that they reflect light, glass splashbacks make your kitchen look and feel spacious, making them a great choice for small home kitchens. For the same reason, they’re a great choice if your kitchen is dark and doesn’t get much natural light.

Glass can also easily be cut into many different shapes and sizes, making it a relatively versatile option, and it’ll most likely fit the design of your kitchen with little hassle.

One of the biggest disadvantages with glass splashbacks, though, is that they’re plain and there’s little room for customisation. As glass is see-through, it’s difficult to brighten up your kitchen with colour when you opt for this type of splashback.

They’re also one of the more costly options, plus the installation cost adds to this overall price. When trying to decide what is the best kitchen splashback, considering their cost and lack of customisation and colour, a glass splashback may not be the answer.


Tiled splashbacks – the pros and cons

So, if you don’t want to opt for glass splashbacks, you now may be thinking ‘what can I use as a splashback in my kitchen instead?’

Tiled splashbacks are possibly the most common choice for home kitchens – less so for professional kitchens, who instead more typically use metal splashbacks.

One of the advantages of tiled splashbacks is that you can change them to match the style of your new kitchen without too much hassle. This is particularly handy if you’re renovating your kitchen as you can easily find styles, patterns and colours that match the rest of your decor.

If you’re having tiles across your whole kitchen, you can also often buy them in bulk to have your splashback match the rest of the kitchen perfectly.

One of the biggest issues with tiled splashbacks, however, is their cleanliness.

As tiled splashbacks will have gaps between each tile, this small gap is enough space for mould and grime to build up. Particularly when behind a hob with spitting oil and food, this area can quickly become unhygienic if not cleaned regularly – and these gaps aren’t easy to clean either.

As the space between the tiles is relatively small, ensuring you’ve cleaned all the grime can be a fiddly process. This isn’t an issue with metal splashbacks – we’ll explain why later!

Glass can be costly and offer little customisation, and tiles aren’t the most hygienic option. You may still be wondering ‘what can I use as a splashback in my kitchen’ now that these two options may not be quite right.

Take a look at metal splashbacks – we think they might be the perfect solution.


Metal splashbacks – pros and cons

When wondering what is the best kitchen splashback, there are multiple reasons why we think metal is the best choice.

Unlike tiled splashbacks, one of the huge advantages of metal splashbacks is their cleanliness. Because there aren’t any gaps in metal splashbacks for mould and grime to build up in, metal splashbacks offer a more hygienic solution.

We explain this in our social media post here:

Simply wipe the metal clean with some soap, water and a cloth – it’s as easy as that to keep your metal splashback clean!

Plus, some metals can even offer extra protection in your kitchen. Copper is an antimicrobial metal, meaning that it restricts the growth of microorganisms. These antibacterial properties make for a perfect splashback choice, especially if cleanliness is highly crucial for your splashback.

Metal splashbacks also have huge potential for customisation. With choices such as stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc, and more, the colour and style of your metal splashback can vary widely to match the design of your kitchen.

For a sleek professional look, particularly for restaurant kitchens, stainless steel is a popular choice because of its shininess. For a more rustic or vintage look for your home kitchen, copper or brass would make an excellent choice. Here at CSM, we work with a range of materials for you to choose from for your bespoke metal splashback.

Take a look at this gorgeous copper splashback we produced and installed last month:


They’re also durable, meaning that they won’t be affected by heat emitted from the hob, plus they’ll last for years.

Metal splashbacks do have a reputation for being costly, and while that’s true, they can be adjusted to fit your budget. For smaller costs you can still get a fantastic quality metal splashback, most likely using aluminium. Or, if you’re looking to spruce your kitchen up with no financial limits, an exquisite zinc would do the trick.

Metal splashbacks also often require experienced professionals to design, cut them to shape and install them, which can be frustrating if you don’t have the contacts, or can’t easily find an expert. But luckily here at Customised Sheet Metal, our experienced team can complete the whole process for you.


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After reading this article, you should be aware of the three main options when thinking ‘what can I use as a splashback in my kitchen?’. And with any luck you’ll also have decided what is the best kitchen splashback for you.

When it comes to design, cost, and hygiene, metal splashbacks are the best solution.

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