Zinc Bar Tops & Counter Tops

Cutting and shaping zinc sheets for countertops is a precision job. Here at CSM, we have been developing our skills for three decades. Over the years our service has been refined and we now have an extraordinary team of expert designers and metal workers who are passionate about bespoke zinc projects.

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Zinc is a soft and versatile sheet metal often used to refurbish and remodel kitchens and bar areas in commercial and domestic settings. 

In its natural state, zinc is grey/blue in colour. Not only is zinc sleek and funky, but it’s also a reactive metal that will transform your kitchen into a constantly evolving point of interest. Unlike stainless steel, zinc worktops will change their colouring and appearance according to how you use them.

Zinc For Bar Tops and Countertops

There is no doubt that Zinc brings a modern look into a leisure setting. The demand for zinc bar tops and zinc countertops has spread from the kitchen and into public access front-of-house areas like bars and reception areas. 

A skilled metal fabrication company like CSM can do some amazing things with a relatively soft sheet metal like zinc. With beautiful rolled edge finishes and sculpted curves, zinc brings a modern and luxurious element to any environment. And as your zinc bartop evolves and changes colour, returning customers can expect a different look each time they come back.

The zinc appearance evolves day by day. Under perfectly normal use, the zinc countertop will develop a dark blue-grey patina finish. The overall effect is that the zinc begins to take on an aged and weathered appearance similar to pewter.

Zinc for Kitchen Worktops

Have you ever considered using zinc sheet metal to cover those tired or outdated worktops in your kitchen? By coating them with thin sheets of zinc, your existing kitchen worktops can be transformed with the minimum of disruption by using them as a base for fixing a zinc metal sheet countertop.


Reactive Colour Changes

Zinc worktops have become increasingly popular in modern households over the last few years. People searching for a unique look are tempted by the fact that due to its reactive properties, no two zinc kitchen worktops ever look the same. After installation, the appearance of a zinc countertop will continue to evolve with use.


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Why choose a Zinc Countertop?

Not only do they look fantastic in almost any setting, zinc countertops and bar tops have an array of benefits. Read on to find out why the team and CSM love working with Zinc and why you should consider it for your bespoke project.

  • Easy cleaning: Similar to stainless steel, zinc is easy to clean. It requires little more than a wipe-over with a soft damp cloth. 
  • Customisable: Being a reasonably soft and malleable metal, moulding and customising zinc is easy. As expert metal fabricators, here at CSM, we have no trouble adding decorative finishing touches like contoured edges
  • Heat resistant: zinc is an extremely durable metal, making it a perfect solution for domestic or commercial kitchens. 

We also offer alternatives to Zinc including copper and brass

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