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At Customised Sheet Metal, we create personal protective equipment that helps minimise the spread of coronavirus.


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We’ve been putting our knowledge and expertise towards producing PPE safety equipment. Our safety materials include:


Copper is known for its antimicrobial agents that restrict the growth of microorganisms,  hospitals in Europe are starting to install copper products to many frequently touched areas such as handrails and surfaces.

Copper surfaces contain biostatic properties to help prevent the transfer of disease and microbes, including superbugs such as SARS, Norovirus, and Coronaviruses.

A University of Southampton study found that bacteria can remain infectious on common surface materials for several days, but copper rapidly destroys them.

Copper is also an extremely versatile engineering material. It has numerous beneficial properties such as strength, corrosion resistance, machinability, and ductility.


Polycarbonate is an essential requirement within the healthcare industry.

The North American Science Associates found that polycarbonate is beneficial due to its durability/impact resistance, ductility for rigorous use, and high heat resistance.

For these reasons, it is used for the health and safety of employees around the world. At CSM, we can bend polycarbonate through the method of cold forming. Cold forming or bending ensures polycarbonate does not result in chemical stress cracking.

By having the capabilities to cold bend polycarbonate, it ensures the process is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective.

Our PPE in action

We have been providing PPE for the healthcare industry and manufacturing companies around the UK in order to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to and to keep all staff as safe as possible. 

  • Copper door handles (proven for its antimicrobial properties)
  • Door push plates
  • Grab handles
  • Light switch cover plates
  • Door brackets to be opened by elbows to avoid hand contact. The eradication of hand to hand contact is paramount to eliminating the spread of the virus. The brackets fit over the previous door handles, allowing the product to be used with elbows and forearms as opposed to hands. Each bracket is bespoke, ensuring the best possible product for your business. 
  • A variety of metalwork to help manufacture ventilators for the National Health Service.
  • Temperature checking booths made from polycarbonate
  • Workstation protection screens and sneeze guards made from polycarbonate.
  • Entrance screens made from polycarbonate.  The screens can be customised to fit the needs of businesses, and all the protective screens are fitted with a polycarbonate surrounded with a metal frame to ensure sustainability, ruggedness, and are quick and easy to clean.  The screens are perfect for use in busy manufacturing, logistical, and hospitality areas where social distancing cannot be reasonably maintained. 
  • Bespoke metal frames, of which a polycarbonate sheet can be fitted into

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