Custom Metal Splashbacks

Get a stylish, robust, and bespoke metal splashback that meets your needs perfectly. Whether you’re looking for a professional kitchen or centrepiece for a luxury kitchen at home, we can create a custom metal splashback with your vision in mind.

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Why metal splashbacks?

Metal splashbacks make for a sleek and stylish functional kitchen feature. They are low maintenance because they are easier to clean than tiled splashbacks, which can often lead to mould or grime building up between the tiles.

And with the option to have bespoke metal splashbacks designed and created with you in mind, our custom metal splashbacks can fit with your specific kitchen design.

Getting a custom metal splashback

The team at Customised Sheet Metal knows that every order for custom metal splashbacks is going to be different. Whether you’re designing for a high-end professional kitchen or a luxury home kitchen, all metal splashbacks need to be unique. 

Designed and crafted with you in mind, our range of custom splashbacks will always be made true to your specifications. Varying in size, design features and desired appearance, we can provide custom metal splashbacks to match your kitchen’s design and feel. Simply provide us with a brief of your ideal product and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Why bespoke metal splashbacks?

Bespoke metal splashbacks make a huge visual impact when they are well crafted. As we work with a wide range of metals, our creations vary from eye-catching copper splashbacks to utilitarian stainless steel splashbacks. 

Not only do we guarantee stylish designs, we also create our custom metal splashbacks to be robust and durable. We provide products that offer boldness in appearance and high quality in use. Our design and manufacturing process is thorough, precise, and all products are handled with care.

Why work with us?

The thing we’re most passionate about at Customised Sheet Metal is getting you a high-quality metal product that exceeds expectations. That’s why we work closely with our clients and invest in our people. Our experienced team of experts are highly skilled in producing quality bespoke metal splashbacks that will fit your needs and bring you joy. 

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