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The metal splashback has been a common feature in commercial and professional kitchens for decades. In recent years, the high-functioning performance and elegant styling that a custom metal splashback can bring to the home has made them increasingly popular on the domestic market too.

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Customised Sheet Metal is a well-established, leading player in the UK metal fabrication sector. Founded 30 years ago, we have been bringing our sheet metal working expertise to bear on a variety of projects for international brands, large hotels and prominent restaurants.

Whether you are looking for a metal cooker splashback or a metal splashback for the full kitchen, we have the precision sheet metal skills to make custom metal splashbacks in just about any type of sheet metal you could think of.

What is a Splashback?

A splashback is a surface overlay used in kitchens and utility rooms to protect walls from moisture, cooking splatter and heat. Traditional methods include using tiles and glass. Normally a splashback is mounted above the worktop, sink or cooker. Height can be customised according to requirements but the standard is 600mm. 

A heat resistant metal splashback might be used as a splashback for a free-standing cooker whereas around a sink it should have anti-corrosion properties. Luckily, metal splashbacks are more than adequate for both of these tasks. Not only do they offer great protection, they are also non-porous which means they are easy to keep clean.

Some people shy away from metal splashbacks thinking that they are functional but do not look very elegant. But there is a lot more to this than just the stainless steel used in commercial kitchens. With a huge choice of sheet metals available, a sheet metal splashback can be sleek and stylish as well as functional

Custom Metal Splashbacks – Your Choices

Here at CMS, we are able to supply, design, fabricate and install metal splashbacks in a variety of metals and metal finishes. Whether you need the sharp blue-grey tones of zinc, a muted golden antique brass hue or the burnished autumnal tones of copper, we can customise the perfect splashback for your kitchen


Metals for Splashbacks

So let’s run through the sheet metal options that we have available for custom-made splashbacks:

Visit this page to find a more detailed run-down and description of the various options we use in metal fabrication.


Metal Finishes for Splashbacks

Not only do you get a choice of metals for a splashback, you can also select from a range of different finishes that effectively change its appearance. Different finishes will alter the tone of the metal in different ways. Some like the antique or the brushed metal splashback finish are more subdued, whilst others like the polished finish brighten it. 

On brass, copper and zinc, there is the possibility to opt for what is commonly known as “the living finish” which means the metal is left in its natural state and over time reacts to conditions in the local environment by developing a patina. As the metal oxidises it begins to richen in colour and provides an ever-evolving point of interest that makes any splashback totally unique.

Speak to an expert for advice on materials and finishes for metal kitchen splashbacks.

Advantages of Custom Metal Splashbacks

As well as a sleek and modern style choice, metal splashbacks are highly functional meaning that there are some practical reasons to consider a metal splashback for your cooker as well as in other vulnerable areas of your kitchen.

Heat resistance: Particularly important behind the hob of your stove, the heat emanating from gas or electric cooking rings will have little or no effect on a metal splashback.

Moisture resistance: A metal splashback will protect your wall from moisture both as a result of steam and condensation caused by cooking and boiling, but also from water splashing up in areas like your kitchen sink or handwashing facilities.

Precision fabrication: Of course, this is where we come in. You need a perfect fit to make sure that there are no hard-to-clean elements to your splashback installation where germs and bacteria might thrive. We have highly skilled fabricators and advanced machinery for absolute precision cutting, bending and shaping. The end result is that you get a perfectly fitting splashback with no dangerous or sharp edges protruding.

Easy cleaning: With a smooth non-porous surface like metal, cleaning takes little more than a wipe-over with a damp microfibre cloth or a standard cloth with mild soap and some water. Brass, copper and zinc also exhibit antimicrobial properties making them to a certain extent – self-disinfecting. 

Eco-friendly: Because you do not need harsh chemicals or lots of water to clean them, custom metal splashbacks are environmentally friendly. And if you ever finish with them, they can be melted down and made into something else.

What Can You Expect from CSM

Our focus

Customised Sheet Metal is a customer-focused company. We are happy to discuss metalwork projects of any size and complexity. Our goal is to always make sure we fully understand your needs and work with you to deliver a finished product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Skilled workmanship

Our teams of staff are experts in their field. Our apprenticeship scheme has meant that we have been able to evolve and train new team members to our established high professional standards. We have certified welders for all disciplines and staff with the skills and technology to cut, bend and form metal with absolute precision. 


End-to-end service

If you need us to, we take care of the whole process. We can measure, plan and design your metal splashback, supply the sheet metal, fabricate the sheet metal to exact specifications and then install it in your kitchen. Liaising with a supplier, a fabricating company and arranging an installer is complicated. With CSM on board, you are spared that stress.

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