Copper Splashbacks

In any modern kitchen, style is paramount. That glistening shine that reflects off sleek counter tops under bright lighting is an aesthetic sought by many. 

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Of course, kitchens are still a place for cooking food and messes will be made. When cooking, liquids can fly out of the pan, being hot enough to cause damage, and we keep this in mind when we design our copper hob splashbacks. They provide an immediate solution to withstanding the damage of hot liquids, with the splashback placed on the wall behind your hob, or anywhere in your kitchen if you so desire. 

Our copper splashbacks are designed to fit any kitchen and come with the guarantee of style and practical substance. They are, in our opinion, a long lasting and welcomed addition to any kitchen.


Why choose our copper splashbacks?

Being a product offered by many of those in the metal industry, copper splashbacks are a popular choice for many kitchen refurbishments due to their style and easy to clean practicality. The service we offer is what makes us the go to provider for those looking for copper splashbacks

Our splashbacks are made with the finest copper with inch perfect design spec that sees the product fit seamlessly into its intended place. With our creative skills we are able to produce copper splashbacks that carry a modern aesthetic or an antique, burnished design. The pure nature of the copper that allows for that trademark colouring that comes with the oxidisation process. 

When our oxidised copper splashbacks find a home in your kitchen they look even better over  time, which is quite the opposite of how things usually work with household products. They are a fantastic addition to any kitchen needing a long-term upgrade on ordinary wall panels that do not carry the same aesthetic our brushed/distressed copper splashbacks so evidently do.

As metalwork experts we understand the properties of the products we work with. Copper is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and has a variety of other functional benefits. It is resistant to corrosion and carries anti-microbial properties; a game changer for kitchens in both domestic and commercial settings. No matter how many encounters with hot oil from the stove, or the general wear and tear of time, your copper cooker splashback will look good as new. 

It also has a self-cleansing aspect in its ability to kill dangerous microbes like e-coli, on contact. The process of oxidation, where copper reacts with oxygen in the air, enables the surface to project a pure patina aesthetic, making each piece individual. Our copper patina splashbacks are a truly unique product made with a truly unique metal that makes for a standout addition to any kitchen.

Why work with Customised Sheet Metal?

When using CSM as your service provider, you have placed your trust in a team with decades of experience in the metalwork industry. The talented designers in our team are able to create pristine products like our copper splashbacks, using sheet metal, that has left clients satisfied with every installation we make. Our copper splashbacks are no different. They are made with the highest quality of care, industrial devices and materials, to create a product that fits with any customised specifications made by a client following consultation.

Our expertise has served us well with clients in many industries, be it logistics solutions or interior design. You can be safe in the knowledge that any of our products, such as our copper sheet splashbacks are coming from a place well respected by clients seeking solutions for many different uses. Equipped with an understanding of style and an ever-present substance to what we do, we can provide products that fit practical purposes as well as being aesthetically crisp and designed to exact specifications. 

Our guarantee

When ordering products from us, we guarantee solutions designed and installed to the exact desire and ideals of our clients. Too many companies in the industry will offer something straight off a shelf: this is not what we do. For example, Our hammered copper splashbacks we will design from scratch, a solution that meets the measurement specs of your kitchen to the millimetre , and fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of its surroundings. The only corners cut at CSM are on our sheet metal, in the process of satisfying clients every single time.

If you’re looking for another finish, our specialists also work with other metals including brass and stainless steel.

How to get in touch

If you are looking for an upgrade to your kitchen and want something that packs a visual punch, stands the test of time, and serves a practical purpose, get in touch with our team and we will devise a solution for you. 

Our decades of experience mean we are a knowledgeable team who are used to speaking to clients who know exactly what they are looking for, or clients that may need some guidance on what their ideal solution would look like. 

We are passionate about maintaining our reputation for providing quality service and we know that starts with first contact. A company that does not properly communicate at first contact is a company who does not gain a client, so be sure to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, keen to help and ensure you see us as your first and last point of call. 

When you work with CSM, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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