Copper Bar Tops & Counter Tops

Take your kitchen or bar to the next level with our high quality copper bar tops and countertops. Use copper bars and countertops to upgrade old, tired surfaces that are difficult to maintain and bland on the eye.


Copper bar tops exude a warm feel that can instantly elevate the ambiance of your establishment. They’re anti-microbial, durable and natural so will stand the test of time as you continue to update your space.


The team at Customised Sheet Metal are experts at fabricating metal into products that are both aesthetically stylish as well as incredibly practical and this is evident in the design and function of our copper bar tops and countertops.

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Our skills with metals such as copper and steel have earned us a reputation, and this has led to carrying out projects for many high-end hospitality clients as well as regular homeowners. We are client focused and always deliver a final product that is personalised and to the client’s specifications.

Custom copper bar tops cut to the size you need

Achieve your vision with bespoke copper bar tops, crafted to fit your exact specifications.

The size you need: Our accredited welders and copper sheet metal experts employ a blend of traditional hand tools and cutting-edge machinery. Whether you want a sleek surface or intricate designs, we ensure precision in every bend and cut, accommodating metals from 0.3mm to 10mm in thickness and up to 4m in length.

Make your establishment memorable: Our digitally controlled rolling machines don’t just produce cylinders or cones; they can also help you to create a centrepiece.

Accuracy wherever you need it: From robust architectural brackets to elegant kitchen splashbacks and durable metal roofing, our precision cutting guarantees an accurate fit in whatever space you need it.

Why Choose Copper Bar Tops or Countertops?

Copper is a metal that is perfectly suited to kitchen and bar surfaces. It has a wonderful shine and unique aesthetic while serving many practical functions, ideal for high-maintenance environments.

  • Corrosion resistant: Copper is an incredibly resistant metal that can withstand harsh chemicals and high heat. In kitchens and bars where liquids are spilt and wear and tear occur, copper will stand the test of time. 
  • Cleaning properties: Copper is anti-microbial metal which means it kills bacteria. In kitchens, this is ideal due to the risks associated with food such as the spreading of E-coli, and with busy bars, where germs can spread easily. A simple wipe-down leaves the copper both shiny and hygienic. 
  • Unique aesthetic: As well as a long life and easy maintenance, copper develops its own unique aesthetic. As the copper reacts with the air it oxidises and over time creates a patina finish on the surface of your countertop, unique to this chemical reaction. It means copper surfaces age like a fine wine.

These factors all make copper a fine addition to any home or establishment. Our metal copper bar tops and countertops are the perfect modern-day feature to your interior, bringing style, longevity and an easy life of maintenance.

What’s the manufacturing process of my copper worktop?


Consultation & Design Discussion
We’ll have a chat to understand your vision for the copper worktop. You’ll see design insights, copper samples, and we’ll gather essential measurements.

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Quotation & Approval
You’ll receive a quote detailing material, fabrication and potential installation costs.

Our expert craftsmen will use state of the art machines to create your copper bar to the agreed design, ensuring quality checks throughout the fabrication process, guaranteeing a product of the highest standard.

Delivery & Installation
We’ll deliver and install your new copper bar top on a date and time to suit you. We’ll also share maintenance tips to preserve the worktop’s beauty and durability.

What finishing options are there?

Depending on what you are looking for we can supply different finishes of copper to develop your preferred aesthetic.

If you like the bold colours of copper, we can fit countertops that use copper, polished to a smooth shine. 

If you are a fan of the signature green patina finish for your countertop, characteristic of oxidised copper aged over time, we can use copper that has already reached this stage to provide you with the immediate aesthetic this material brings.

What metal options are there?

We also work with a variety of other metals including zinc, copper and brass so please get in touch to discuss your options with our expert team.

How do you care for your copper bar top?


Clean regularly
Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soapy water to clean the surface. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh chemicals, as they can scratch or damage the copper.

Wipe the bar top dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.


Prevent tarnishing
Copper naturally develops a patina over time. If you prefer to maintain the shiny appearance, regularly apply a copper cleaner or polish following the product’s instructions.

Alternatively, a homemade solution of equal parts lemon juice and salt can be applied, then rinsed off and dried thoroughly.


Consider using a protective coating
Consider applying a protective wax or lacquer to the bar top. This creates a barrier against moisture, fingerprints, and other potential stains.

Reapply the protective coating periodically, especially if the bar top starts to lose its sheen or shows signs of wear.


Consider whether you want a natural patina
Some owners appreciate the natural patina that copper develops over time. If you prefer this aged look, simply clean the bar top with mild soapy water and let nature take its course.

If you’d like to learn more about caring for your copper bar top, then speak to a member of our friendly team here.

Let’s bring your copper bar top vision to life

If you can imagine it, our expert designers can craft it. Entrust us with your copper countertop vision, and we’ll transform it into reality, ensuring a centrepiece that’s as much a talking point as it is a usable space.

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Copper bar top FAQs

Is copper good for a bar top?
Copper is an excellent choice for bar tops due to its unique aesthetic, antimicrobial properties, and ability to develop a natural patina over time, adding character.

How thick should a copper bar top be?
A copper bar top should typically be between 1.2mm to 2.5mm thick. The ideal thickness often depends on the size of the countertop and its use. Most bar tops are 1.5mm to 2mm thick to ensure durability and to stop it denting or warping.

How do you seal a copper bar top?
Seal a copper bar top using a clear protective lacquer or wax to prevent tarnishing and protect against stains, ensuring it’s food-safe if you think food contact is likely.

Can you put hot pans on copper countertops?
While copper can withstand heat, placing hot pans directly can cause discoloration. Use trivets to prevent potential heat marks.

What manufacturing standards should a copper bar top meet?
The copper bar top should be made to ISO 9001 standards. This means that the company has processes to ensure consistent product quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. At CSM, we design and build all of our sheet metal products to meet ISO 9001 and CHAS accreditations.

Why Work With CSM?

Experience and Expertise:
Working with CSM means dealing with 30 years worth of experience and expertise in bespoke metalwork and sheet metal fabrication. Whether it’s bending, welding, rolling or forming, we do it all, and it is our passion.

Precision manufacturing:
All of our products, such as our copper countertops, are made with the highest level of precision, care and quality. Our execution is flawless.

Client focused:
Our knowledge of engineering, the metals we work with and our taste for style means we deliver solutions that meet your functional needs and personalised aesthetic preferences. Communication and customisation is a guarantee to our clients.

CSM: Your one-stop shop

At CSM we are all about going above and beyond to develop customised metalwork products that exceed your expectations. 

Working with you throughout the whole process, we ensure that the project is a success, making any adjustments you may need to your product before installation.

Communication is key and our years of client experience means consultations are always fruitful, with clients left enthused about the personalised solutions we can provide. 

When it comes to our copper bar tops and countertops, our bespoke models will fit seamlessly into your intended space and offer a polished aesthetic that complements the surroundings, with practical benefits that make your life easier.

CSM is your one-stop shop for bespoke metalwork. Why would you look elsewhere? Your ideal copper kitchen counter or bar top is a conversation away.

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