Commercial Ladders

As long time manufacturers of bespoke metal solutions, we understand just how crucial employee safety is in the warehouse environment. That’s why we only design and manufacture ladders and steps that will guarantee reliability and safety, using our quality materials. 


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Our extensive range containing multiple variations of ladders and work platforms includes; access ladders, wall and fixed ladders, commercial extension ladders, outdoor metal steps and mobile steps, plus safety barriers, metal crowd barriers, and more. We know that different ladders are required for different jobs, be it for having double-sided steps for two users, reaching certain heights or having a sturdier structure for the transportation of heavy goods. We can create all types of industrial ladders to suit your needs.

Our service

When using CSM as your service provider, you are calling on decades of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke metalwork products. The talented designers in our team are able to create pristine products, using different metals that we have identified as best suited to each range, based on their natural properties. This has left clients satisfied with every installation or delivery we make on their behalf. 

Our line of commercial ladders is a range designed in this fashion. They are made with the highest quality of care, industrial devices and materials, to create solutions that meet the individual specifications of our clients.

Combining an understanding of style and an ever-present substance to what we do, we can provide products that fit practical purposes as well as are aesthetically crisp and designed to exact specifications. More specific to our ladders, we know a finished product means providing watertight safety mechanisms within the design to ensure a reliable structure that can withstand use.

Why choose our ladders?

Our ladders are all made with sturdy metals, comprising designs that best utilise those properties in creating a finished product that fits the purpose. In doing this, we designed a range of ladders, whereby we are able to offer access ladders, wall ladders and fixed ladders, outdoor metal steps and mobile steps. Each product in this range was designed with care and industry expertise, meaning they each more than meet the criteria. 

Our access platforms provide height, portability and ease of placement without compromising stability. Our fixed aluminium ladder platforms have impeccable stair structure that withstands regular use over a period of time, and our metal platform steps offer grip and foot comfort for ease of movement, whilst also being portable. 

We ensure that we are able to offer the full benefits of each product in this range, without sacrificing fundamentals or cutting corners. This means that in any setting and for any purpose, these solutions all offer themselves as the best in quality for the job you have at hand. 

Our guarantee

When ordering any product from us, we always guarantee solutions designed and installed to match the individual specifications and quality expectations of our clients. Unlike some competitors who may offer a more “off the shelf” solution, the team at CSM works to each order individually. Our range of stair ladder platforms is a testament to this, is designed to spec for certain height requirements, weight sustainability and intended use. 

We settle for nothing but the best in metalwork design and installation, and a finished product that is worthy of a place in your home or workplace is what we deliver.

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Having the decades of experience that we have in our industry, it is safe to say we know everything there is to know when it comes to metalwork for the purpose of warehouse logistics and interior design.

When it comes to using ladders, getting in touch with us today ensures you reduce the risks of what could result in a dangerous incident should the wrong equipment be used. If you are requiring ladders for any job you have at hand, then we would recommend that you look no further than our range of work-ready platform ladders

Being experts in our field and having a passion for what we do, means that our initial consultation is always fruitful and lays the groundwork for us to begin designing and manufacturing your bespoke solution. 

For information on how to contact the team at CSM for a consultation or to make an immediate order, visit our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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