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When planning a stunning, bespoke brass bar top as a luxurious and attention-grabbing showpiece or when considering an attractive and yet functional brass worktops for your kitchen or bar, choosing a professional fabrication company with the skills and experience to deliver an exceptional project is important.

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The last thing you need is a poorly designed or badly fabricated product that leads to future problems. Here at Customised Sheet Metal, we use over 3 decades of skills and experience to turn a sheet of brass into a perfectly impressive, bespoke architectural metalwork project.

The Timeless Appeal of Brass

Brass is one of those warm and enticing metal colours that can be produced in finishes that exude luxury and style. From the mirrored contours of an immaculately polished brass kitchen worktop through to the rich and luxuriously finished antique brass bar tops that grace some of the best hotels and bars in the world, brass presents a world of possibilities.


The Hygienic Properties of Brass

Of course, health and hygiene are equally important considerations for kitchen and bar installations. Brass is an excellent choice in this regard because it is one of the metals that possess the antimicrobial effect. 

Knowing that brass is a hygienic and easy-to-clean metal finish, have you considered completing the picture by combining one of our brass kitchen countertops with a matching brass splashback

Your Choice of Brass Finishes

1. Polished Brass

The reflective qualities of polished brass counter tops promote a funky and yet exclusive ambience. Bar and club lighting zinging off of highly-polished brass bar tops add a new decorative dimension and an impression that an unlimited budget has been dedicated to creating the perfect atmosphere for customers and guests. The look is modern, upbeat and on-trend.

Polished brass provides the perfect protection for your countertop. Precision cutting, bending, joining and sealing leave the brass countertop impervious to liquids. The sheet of brass itself is polished to your requirements.


2. Brushed Brass

This utilises a contemporary brass finish created by brushing the brass in a single direction. It produces a slight and very refined brushed effect. This effect transforms the brass towards a more muted matte finish. And yet it also retains aspects of the brighter more polished finish too. In a busy environment, fingerprints and smudges are less noticeable on brushed brass.


3. Antique Brass

If you ever needed an excuse to integrate the relaxing, warm tones of antique brass into a project, then recreating the exclusive, rarefied clubhouse atmosphere of a luxury bar or restaurant is your opportunity, Producing a darker and more intimate look, antique brass has been treated using a chemical darkening process to produce a warm brown colour across the top of golden autumnal tones.


4. Unlacquered Brass – The Living Finish

Unlacquered brass counter tops displaying what is known as “the living finish” have been deliberately left without a protective coating. Left untreated in this way, the brass slowly evolves – changing appearance over time as it oxidises.  The living finish becomes unique to your installation producing an ever-changing talking point.


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4 Good Reasons to Choose Brass for Your Bar Top

  1. Antibacterial and easy to clean for enhanced hygiene in bars and kitchens
  2. Comes with a variety of tones and finishes to suit your décor
  3. Resistant to heat, impossible to stain and difficult to damage
  4. Eco-friendly, sustainable and can be recycled.

Hopefully, we have sold you on the exciting prospects of brass so perhaps we should now explain what makes Customised Sheet Metal the number one choice for bespoke metalwork:

CSM and Your Brass Worktops and Counter Tops


Decades of Experience: Over the last three decades, we have been honing our skills and investing in the right staff and machinery to undertake the highest quality metal fabrication. Having developed our own apprentice programme, we train our staff to work to long-established metal fabrication industry best practices. 


Working in Partnership: We are much more than a fabricator. Our client-centred approach means that we can work with you from concept to completion. Whether you have a vision and need a creative designer and planner to carry out a site visit and help you interpret it, or you have a detailed plan ready for manufacture, we are here to help. And once your vision has been realised, our expert installers are ready to take over and make it a reality.


End-to-End Service: As a recognised market leader in the industry, we take the pressure of finding a separate designer, a metal supplier and then a skilled fabricator away from you with our renowned end-to-end service including

  • Sourcing the perfect brass for your requirements
  • Precision design, measuring and planning
  • Cutting, folding, shaping, and joining for quality metal fabrication
  • Expert on-site installation

Verifiable Expertise: Everything you need is available from one company and with a quick call, you can soon be well on the way to admiring your completed project. Our service is backed by UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

We also work with other metals so if you’re looking for an alternative to brass, then please explore our zinc, copper and brass solutions.

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