Warehouse Pallet Racking and Handling Solutions

Running an efficient pallet storage warehouse and maximising the use of all available space is a key factor for a business that needs to carry and store supporting stock. This is a vital back-end service in many commercial environments. 


Retail stores, wholesale merchants and warehousing or distribution centres are all very familiar with palletising as a means of transporting freight. Developing pallet storage solutions for dealing efficiently with goods arriving on pallets is essential for a smooth-running warehouse.


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CSM – Design, manufacture and installation of metal pallet racking systems 

Customised Sheet Metal have worked closely with warehousing businesses across the country for more than 3 decades. In that time we have developed industry-leading expertise in the design and manufacture of some innovative pallet storage solutions

In addition to standard pallet racking, we design, manufacture and install adjustable pallet racking, and bespoke pallet shuttle systems. We also provide the ideal answer to pallet shifting problems with our bespoke warehouse pallet truck manufacturing services.

The Importance of Pallet Storage Solutions

With goods on pallets arriving constantly, warehouses have two options:

1. Unload the pallets before storage

It is quite possible that when pallets are dropped off at a warehouse, the goods are unloaded from the pallets and then stored in industrial racking. This is initially fairly labour intensive and time-consuming. Possibly more suitable to a slower-moving environment there is the advantage that goods and packaging can be checked as they are unloaded and stored away. 


2. Store loaded pallets on metal pallet racks

In fast-moving warehouses where rapid stock turnover, time, and space-saving are all critical elements, storing the pallets on warehouse pallet racking without unloading them first is likely to be the most efficient alternative. This allows palletised goods to be redistributed from the warehouse if needed, without ever unloading the goods from the pallet.

Industrial pallet racking – what you need to know

Pallet racks are specialised storage systems for palletised goods. Some systems incorporate a sliding or roll-out mechanism that allows a pallet to be accessed without necessarily needing a pallet truck or a forklift to lift it off the racking. 

Common pallet racking systems in use are:  

Pallet shuttle systems: utilise rollers or pallet shuttles. Often known as push-back systems they allow smooth and frictionless movement of a pallet into and out of the pallet bay. A slight incline employs gravity to assist with moving the loaded pallets. 

When this system of moving a pallet on the racking is deployed it opens up the possibility of using deep pallet bays that can house several pallets within lanes of racking. This allows use of 2 standard pallet racking deep storage warehouse management systems

1. First in first out (FIFO)

This deep pallet racking system creates a lane of racking where forklift access at one end allows for assisted pallet loading. As more pallets are loaded a system of rollers or shuttles pushes the pallets already l;oaded forwards until the first in the cycle reaches the end of the lane and becomes the first out. This creates a free-flowing stock management cycle and allows for forklift safety zones to be created.

2. First in last out (FILO)

This is the reverse of the FIFO system discussed above. The first pallet to be loaded is pushed backwards on a system of rollers or shuttles as more pallets are loaded. Once the lane has a full complement of pallets, the last pallet loaded is the first to be accessed. This is an ideal system to install backed against a wall where only one end of the pallet lane is accessible. 

Assured build quality

We provide pallet racking systems made from appropriate metal stock with the strength and stability needed for supporting and storing heavy pallets. Our extensive design and manufacturing experience helps you to make full use of the height and floor space of your unit without compromising safety. 

Our proven ability to introduce innovative workflow systems will keep your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. 


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Manual hand pallet jack manufacturing

Often referred to as pallet drawers, these are basic versions of the warehouse pallet truck designed to hold, support, and move pallets in a warehouse or industrial environment. A manual pallet truck is a simple solution when pallets are stored underneath racking. They allow the pallet to be pulled out so that the contents can be accessed with minimum effort.

Our expertise in sheet metal fabrication means that we can design and manufacture a bespoke pallet trolley jack to an exact specification that meets all of your pallet drawing needs. So whether you need an oversized long pallet truck or even a specialised small pallet truck, we are confident that we can manufacture a manual pallet trolley to suit your needs.

We work with a variety of materials to ensure that we use the best possible metal for your needs. Our hand pallet trucks are produced from high quality galvanised sheet metal which means they are robust, sturdy and reliable. We will always produce a hand-operated pallet trolley that is up to the task of storing large, heavy items and giving long-lasting, reliable service.

Customised Sheet Metal for your pallet warehousing requirements

CSM offers a complete service. From consultation and design through to metal fabrication and installation, we provide end to end warehouse pallet moving and storage solutions. 

Whether you are opening new facilities or simply wish to have your current system reviewed and upgraded, we will assign an expert consultant to become your point of contact with our company. Our focus on consultation and planning, customer service and excellent build quality guarantees that the job is done right the first time – every time.

Our comprehensive metal fabrication services, fully equipped workshop and our skilled metal workers, make the perfect combination to provide you with a pallet warehousing system that enhances the safety and efficiency of your business.

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