Bespoke Metalwork

Founded on traditional sheet metal fabrication 3 decades ago, our approach to metalwork has always been to refine our services with an emphasis on reliability, precision and skill. We manufacture metal products for a broad variety of industry sectors and global brands throughout the UK.

We offer a full end-to-end service for your metalwork project:

  • Highly skilled and experienced welders with the accreditation, coding and certification to work on all types of welding specifications and requirements.
  • Sheet metal workers have the technical expertise to use a range of hand tools and advanced machinery for precision bending and forming of sheet metals between 0.3mm and 10mm in thickness and up to 4m in length. If you have a project that needs to be fabricated from any type of sheet metal, we are certain we can make it for you.
  • Digitally controlled rolling machines to produce cylinders, cones and round or curved-edge panels. We also have the design flair to use rolling creatively and produce some remarkable and beautiful bespoke architectural pieces.
  • Precision cutting and shearing of sheet metal for pinpoint accuracy. Used to produce robust architectural brackets, kitchen splashbacks and sheet metal roofing and wall panelling profiles

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