Bespoke Warehouse Metal Racking

We’re a UK-based company who manufacture a range of racking solutions for warehouse and industrial storage to help you organise your tools and components.

Whether you need warehouse pallet racking that is fit for heavy-duty storage or a metal storage rack that will be on display to customers, our knowledge and expertise in sheet metal fabrication will ensure that we create the right racking system for your needs.

Bespoke products

Are you struggling to find the right racking solution? Well, look no further – we provide a fully customised racking solution to meet your requirements, whatever they might be. Simply provide us with a brief of what you need and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

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As a company, we pride ourselves on the level of care, experience and passion we have for creating stunning architectural pieces that are fit for purpose. Whether that be designing custom set pieces for successful Hollywood movies or creating a range of manual handling equipment, we’re able to design and create a product that meets your requirements.

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