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Customised Sheet Metal (CSM) provides a full range of warehouse storage and stock handling solutions. If you need stock moving equipment like the traditional mesh warehouse trolley cage, mesh storage cages custom made to fit into existing warehouse racking, or just about anything else you can think of to make goods storage and handling easier and safer, then CSM is a great choice for you.

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Our warehouse roll cages are made from galvanised steel for long-lasting, reliable, and rust-free performance. Ordering a bespoke product puts you in the driving seat. Everything from the mesh profile through to the size and weight handling capacity can be customised to your exact requirements. Simply let us know what you need and our custom roll cage fabrication experts will manufacture a product to your exact specifications.

Examples of uses for a warehouse roll cage

  1. Transferring products from a production line into storage
  2. Moving unpalletised goods from storage onto onward transportation
  3. Mobile warehouse storage without the need for racking
  4. Transferring goods from warehouse to shop floor in a retail environment 

Warehouse mesh and trolley cages – your choices

Trolley Cage

Roll cages also known as cage trolleys or trolley cages are mobile cages used for the secure containment and easy movement of goods during transport or storage. Used mainly for manually moving goods that have not been palletised, the mesh cage offers safe containment of loose or boxed products. 

It features 4 welded steel mesh sides and a strong, firm base that takes most of the weight. Trolley cages have at least one side that opens.

The addition of wheels or castors means that they can be manually pushed around a warehouse or commercial environment. In a warehouse with no forklift truck, or in areas of a warehouse not accessible to a forklift, a trolley cage is a cost-effective alternative.


Fold Flat Warehouse Butterfly Cage

Similar to a warehouse roll cage, the butterfly cage would normally be smaller. It is constructed in such a way that the sides all fold down flat on top the base. This solves the old problem of unused warehouse cages taking up much-needed space. Because they fold flat, the mesh butterfly cages can be stacked on top of each other when not in use. The result is that the available space in a warehouse is used much more efficiently


Mesh Security & Storage Cage

The mesh security cage, on the other hand, is often made without wheels. The scale of the mesh can range from large to retain bulky packages right through to a fine mesh that retains smaller objects. Mesh storage cages are designed so that they are an ideal fit for warehouse racking meaning that unpalletised goods can be mechanically lifted onto shelves and racks. And with a simple design change, our steel mesh storage cages can be stacked on top of one another.


Secure Storage Cages

If for any reason you need to make your wire mesh security cage more secure we can install a top section and make the cage lockable. An ideal solution to ensure that the contents cannot be tampered with or when storing stock that might be hazardous like flammable products and toxic chemicals.

CSM – Solving your warehouse storage problems

Our expert team can create a specific cage for your warehouse storage solution. We’re always prepared to solve your storage problems. With our wide range of standard and custom-made storage cages for all warehouse applications, rest assured that you can trust us with your project.

And when you need a bespoke design to solve a particular problem, our experienced designers and fabricators can come up with a solution. Whether you need unusual size roll cages, heavy-duty welded mesh storage cages or any other combination that you can think of, we are confident that we can deliver a top-quality product. Simply let us know what storage issue you’re facing, and we’ll design and manufacture the solution.


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Why choose CSM for your warehouse storage solutions?

CSM can do much more for you than roll cage fabrication. Whether you are designing new storage facilities from the ground up, upgrading and improving your existing provision or simply looking for ways to improve workflow making it safer and more efficient, we can work with you to plan and develop. We offer:


Client collaboration

At CSM we understand that nobody knows the problems that need solving better than you the customer. We work with you from the outset to clearly understand what the issues are and how they can best be resolved.

Where we excel is in bringing the knowledge and experience we have accumulated from 3 decades in the industry, to propose innovative and imaginative technical solutions.


Proven experience and high standards

As a metal fabrication company, since starting up in 1992, we have built a reputation based on consistently high quality. Our existing customers come back time after time because we always aim to not just meet, but exceed expectations. Our custom roll cage fabrication services are in demand precisely because we deliver a finished product that gives long-lasting and reliable service.

There is no need to take us at our word. Take a look at our client portfolio and case study section. Our clients include national and global brands all of whom have experienced the difference that dealing with a committed and performance-orientated company.

Enquiries welcome

We welcome all enquiries whether you need one or one thousand warehouse trolley cages. No job is too large or too small. If you need help, advice or have any questions about any aspect of our warehouse solutions, please feel free to get in touch. All of the details you need are available on our Contact Page along with an online enquiry form. One of our friendly team will get straight back to you with the answers you need.


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