Reverse design and engineering – a positive way forward

CSM explore the process of reverse design and engineering, looking at the connection between metal and plastic and the use of CNC machining.

An important progression within CSM’s portfolio of capabilities relates to plastic processing, with particular reference to rotational moulding. Given that CSM are skilled in the art of sheet metal fabrication, you may ask the question “what is the connection between metal and plastic, and why do CSM work with plastic”?

Without exception, the production of plastic processing requires metal tooling. Typical tooling used in the rotational moulding industry, spanning the last 60 years or more, uses sheet metal fabricated tools predominately manufactured from mild steel, as well as stainless steel and aluminium.

Malcolm Pearce, Managing Director and Founder of CSM, first made sheet metal tooling for the plastics industry more than 40 years ago. It’s therefore no surprise that CSM have the capability, capacity and confidence to venture into this market.

There are many reasons why CSM are expanding into this exciting pathway, not least in relation to our ever-increasing experience in CNC machining. This opens up the opportunity for us to not only offer sheet metal fabricated tooling, but also 5-axis CAD machined tooling from aluminium billets. Models and patterns can also be machined from composite materials as part of the sand casting process.

To compliment the CNC machining, CSM provide total design support, not just for the tooling but also for the CAD data design process of the plastic part itself.

CSM work directly from a client’s own product design by “reverse engineering”, the process of creating the required CAD data to manufacture the tooling, either as a sheet metal fabricated or CNC machined tool.

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