Jeremy Donovan: A Journey of Dedication at CSM – A Q&A


Jeremy Donovan, Site Manager for Customised Sheet Metal is an important cog in the CSM client experience. From quoting, to planning and even fabrication, Jeremy is highly involved in all steps of the process. 


Here is his story:


Q: Jeremy, you’ve spent an impressive 24 years at CSM. Can you share how it all began?


A: My journey with CSM started during the final weeks of school when I came across a job enrolment scheme that offered a college course along with full-time work placement. At that time, CSM focused more on production run parts, quite different from what we do today.


Q: You’ve picked up a variety of skills over the years. Can you tell us about your journey from fabrication to becoming Site Director?


A: Of course. I’ve learned a lot during my time here, from fabrication to sheet metal folding and forming. I started in the workshop and then joined the site installation team, eventually becoming the lead Site Engineer. Now, as Site Director, I’m responsible for overseeing site installation projects, quoting for potential work, and lending a hand in the workshop when needed. It’s a role that keeps me on my toes with a variety of challenges each day.


Q: Carpentry was your initial career choice. How did you end up at CSM instead?


A: Carpentry was indeed my first choice, but unfortunately, there were no apprenticeship opportunities available at that time. So, I joined CSM, and it turned out to be a fortunate twist of fate that led to a fulfilling career.


Q: You’ve worked on numerous projects. Can you mention a few that stand out to you?


A: There have been too many to list, but some memorable ones include Nando’s in Bracknell, a high-end apartment block in London, and the arched stainless glass wall installation at Ewenny Priory.


Q: What are your aspirations moving forward in your new role as Site Director?


A: I aim for the continued growth and success of CSM and hope to pass on the company’s legacy to the next generation in the years to come. I love the friendly environment here, surrounded by experienced engineers, and enjoy working on a variety of bespoke products in our workshop.


Q: I understand you were part of the Management Buyout (MBO) in 2021. Can you share more about your role in that process?


A: Certainly. I’m proud to have been part of the board and management team during the MBO in 2021. It was a significant milestone for CSM, and my involvement reflects my commitment to the company and its continued success.


Jeremy Donovan’s journey at CSM is a testament to dedication, versatility, and a passion for innovation within the manufacturing industry. His story serves as an inspiring example of how a steadfast commitment to growth and excellence can lead to remarkable achievements within a company. 

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