Exceptional Apprentice Awarded ‘Learner of the Month’ by TSW Training Company

CSM is pleased to announce that Teilan LoveLuck, one of our exceptional apprentices, has been awarded ‘Learner of the Month’ by TSW, our training company. The award comes as a recognition of Teilan’s dedication and outstanding performance during his 3-year welding and fabrication apprenticeship.


Seeking a fresh experience after completing school, Teilan recognised this apprenticeship as the perfect opportunity to expand his skill set. His commitment to learning and development made him stand out as a candidate for the CSM apprenticeship, and he joined the company in


Throughout his time at CSM, Teilan actively engaged in diverse projects, skillfully applying the welding techniques he has developed. Under the mentorship of Adam Wellington, a former apprentice and now production manager, Teilan has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn.


Adam Wellington, his manager, says:


“His efforts to fit in with the team and his confidence to seek help when needed have been commendable. Teilan’s apprenticeship journey has not only enriched his technical abilities, but also we have seen him grow as a person too. We are very happy to have him in the team and see how he develops further.”


Working with the team has provided him valuable insights into our company’s operations, further enhancing his potential as a future leader within CSM.


Keith David, MD, says:


“Tilan’s accomplishments during his apprenticeship have exceeded our expectations, and we are immensely proud of his achievements. His drive, hard work, and eagerness to learn have made him an exemplary asset to our team.”


The ‘Learner of the Month’ award by TSW, presented in June 2023, reinforces Teilan’s exceptional performance and dedication to his craft. CSM extends its congratulations to Teilan for this well-deserved recognition.

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