Customised Sheet Metal welcomes new apprentice to the team

CSM looks at one of the apprentices’ experiences within the CSM apprenticeship scheme.

Here at Customised Sheet Metal, we aim to give young people an opportunity to learn about and work in Sheet Fabrication Metal and gain a deeper understanding of the company and the industry through completing an apprenticeship scheme. This allows our apprentices to learn on the job and take guidance and support from more experience members of the team and our sheet metal fabrication specialists.

Customised Sheet Metal have been supporting apprentices for more than 20 years and have guided young people through the business helping them work their way up from apprentices to team leaders – we celebrated this on National Apprentice Week, and you can read more about those who passed the apprentice scheme here, ‘CSM celebrates National Apprentice Week 2021‘.

One of the current apprentices’ Teilan Loveluck is currently on our 3-year welding and fabrication apprenticeship. Teilan wanted a new experience once leaving school where he could further his skill set. He heard about the apprenticeship online and thought it would be the ideal opportunity to further his education. During his apprenticeship, Teilan has been given the opportunity to work on different projects that has helped him utilise the welding skills that he has learned throughout his time here at CSM.

Teilan noted that the apprenticeship has allowed him to develop as a person by gaining new skills and experience within the industry. He says the opportunities he has had to work on various projects has benefited his understanding of the company and has helped his welding skills. Teilan says the benefits of being a part of this apprenticeship is working with a successful and experienced team and the opportunity to learn on the job.

During his time here at CSM Teilan has expressed his admiration towards the company and its efforts in teaching him and helping him further his development and career within CSM.

If you are interested in completing an apprenticeship at Customised Sheet Metal, find out more information about upcoming positions on our Careers page. 

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