Customised Sheet Metal welcomes female talent with new apprentice Amy

A unique journey from Medical Science to mastering welding.

Customised Sheet Metal (CSM) are pleased to announce the addition of a new and uniquely skilled apprentice, Amy, to the team. Amy, transitioning from a Medical Science background to pursue her passion in welding, joined CSM as a full-time member starting December 4th, 2023.

Amy’s path to CSM is marked by a blend of academic achievement and a hands-on approach. Her decision to pivot her career towards welding came after purchasing and refurbishing a vintage camper van during the COVID 19 lockdown, which sparked her interest in the craft. 

This passion led her to enrol in a welding course and eventually to CSM, where she has been quickly expanding her skills. She has a particular experience in welding stainless steel, while showing eagerness to learn welding other metals like copper, brass, and pewter. As Amy explains, she’s driven to complete the “perfect weld”.

CSM’s commitment to nurturing talent like Amy extends over two decades, with a focus on encouraging more women into the field of sheet metal fabrication. This initiative is part of CSM’s broader goal to diversify the traditionally male-dominated industry. Amy’s story highlights this commitment and serves as an inspiration for others looking to explore unconventional career paths.

CSM apprentices gain hands-on experience and mentorship from our seasoned experts, with opportunities for development. For example, a recent CSM  apprentice, Teigan, won TSW’s ‘Learner of the Month’ award. As such, CSM continues to pave the way in the industry by championing diversity, skill development, and personal growth.

To learn more about Customised Sheet Metal, our approach to apprenticeships, and opportunities for career development, please visit the Careers page

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