Customised Sheet Metal Invests in Mental Health First Aid Training for Employee Well-being

Customised Sheet Metal Employees Complete Mental Health First Aid Training

Two members of the Customised Sheet Metal (CSM) team, Darren King and Vicky Komor, have recently completed training in Mental Health First Aid, a program aimed at equipping individuals with the necessary skills to support colleagues facing mental health challenges.

Mental health has become a critical topic in today’s fast-paced and demanding world, and organisations worldwide are recognising the importance of addressing mental well-being within the workplace. By investing in mental health training, Customised Sheet Metal reaffirms its commitment to creating a supportive and caring environment for its employees.

Darren King, one of the participants, shared his insights on the training, stating, “the course taught us the best way to approach and help people who are having mental health struggles.”

This training equips employees with the tools to identify signs and symptoms of mental health struggles and provides them with effective methods to support their colleagues in need.

Vicky Komor expressed her surprise at the prevalence of mental illnesses and the impact they have on individuals of all ages. “I was surprised to learn the number of different mental illnesses and how many people are affected and the age categories most affected,” she said. “It was also interesting to learn that a depressive episode is classed as such after only 2 weeks.”

Both Darren and Vicky emphasised the value of Mental Health First Aid training, citing its ability to empower them to assist colleagues who may be experiencing mental health challenges. This training not only benefits the employees directly but also demonstrates Customised Sheet Metal’s commitment to prioritising the well-being of its staff and wider community.

By fostering a culture of understanding and support, Customised Sheet Metal sets an example for other organisations to follow, promoting mental health awareness and destigmatising discussions around mental well-being.

“Customised Sheet Metal is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment,” said Trina Massie, Operations Director at Customised Sheet Metal. “We recognise the importance of mental health and are proud to have Darren and Vicky as ambassadors for mental health support within our organisation. Their completion of the Mental Health First Aid training is a testament to our commitment to the well-being of our employees.”

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