CSM announces ambitious growth plans for 2019

CSM has recently announced its ambitious 2019 growth plans, which will see the company hiring new staff and focusing on acquiring new business from both small and large organisations.

CSM are delighted to announce their progressive and ambitious growth plans for 2019, which will see the organisation expand their workforce and focus on acquiring new business from large organisations. CSM has extensive experience dealing with sheet metal fabrication requests for warehouse solutions and architectural designs, and already works with large corporations such as 3M and Amazon. Below is an example of a custom metal trolley that was designed for Amazon:

In order to continue growing its customer base, CSM will focus on improving its company structure and enhancing its manufacturing processes to ensure that it meets expectations and delivers high-quality work.

Malcolm Pearce, Managing Director, says: “To achieve our ambitious plan, we will be investing more time and resources into our manufacturing processes and company structure. This will subsequently allow us to manage multiple large projects simultaneously, and ensure that we continue to deliver our work on time for all our clients. Not only will this improve the day-to-day workflow, but it will also enable us to work effectively with larger organisations.

“To start the improvement of our workflow, we’ve hired two new members of staff in the past few months, both of whom are working in quality and engineering. These new roles have been specifically created as part of the new structure we’ll be rolling out to enhance the quality of our work and improve our manufacturing processes in the coming year.”

Despite the Index of Production for Wales showing a  2% decrease in the output of production industries from 2017, manufacturing companies like CSM are bucking that trend. Having developed innovative and specialist skills in the bending and forming of various architectural products – such as balustrades, gates, flooring, bar tops and more – CSM’s services remain in high demand by both commercial and domestic customers.

In addition to this, CSM was recently commissioned to design custom set pieces for hit Hollywood films. The company produced a hand-crafted bar top for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and created plane wings and an engine for Overlord.

CSM designed the bar top used in the Waterloo scene of Here We Go Again! Mamma Mia 2


Malcolm described the projects as an “incredible experience”, stating that the work allowed CSM “to show how specialist and precise their skill set is”.

The team at CSM working on the plane engine for Hollywood film, Overlord


Talking about the impact of the current political climate, Malcolm explains: “Despite the uncertainty of Brexit and the concerns surrounding how this will affect the manufacturing industry, we’ve identified a need to expand into an international market.

“We very much see Brexit as an opportunity to expand our business, and so have joined the reputable organisation GlobalWelsh to help us connect with other like-minded organisations throughout Wales and overseas.”

GlobalWelsh works with inspiring businesses and individuals all over the world to offer new connections, opportunities and ideas to Welsh people. By facilitating business opportunities and introducing like-minded people, GlobalWelsh aims to illustrate the incredible impact that Wales has all over the globe, all the while helping the country reach its full potential.

Malcolm continues: “By expanding internationally and working with GlobalWelsh, we hope to encourage other manufacturers in Wales to do the same. In the long-term, we want people to perceive Wales as a great place for business development.”

About us

Established in 1999,  Customised Sheet Metal (CSM) is an award-winning manufacturer which specialises in creating bespoke metal fabrication – from producing high-end architectural designs to bespoke warehouse products. The company is located 18 miles to the west of Cardiff in Bridgend, South Wales, and currently has 33 members of staff.

For more information about the team’s services, please  contact CSM.

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