Business Operations: COVID 19 Update

As a response to the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Customised Sheet Metal would like to inform customers of the following information:

1. The Customised Sheet Metal management team would like to offer reassurance to our customers that we will continue business operations within the adhered guided health and safety frameworks. Should the situation change, you, the customer will be informed at the earliest possible opportunity. For your information, our service levels have not been negatively affected and orders are continuing to be processed. 2. At present, we have no cases of COVID-19 at Customised Sheet Metal. Employees have been advised to self-isolate should they present any symptoms of the virus and inform the company at the earliest possible opportunity.    3. We have offered our support to any health care manufacturers that require our services. Read more about how we have helped in the fight against Covid-19. 4. We at Customised Sheet Metal are in constant communication with our suppliers and have gained reassurance from suppliers that stock will continue to be supplied. As a precautionary measure to ensure that manufacturing can be completed, the CSM experienced management team have opted to increase stock levels on frequently used items. For any enquiries, please get in contact with our excellent team. 5. To ensure that we continue to operate as smoothly as possible, we consider the health and safety of our employees to be of the utmost importance. Company policy for staff members is detailed below: Customised Sheet Metal is deeply concerned about the health and safety of its staff. Therefore, we have briefed a companywide policy to all staff members regarding the mitigation of coronavirus. This involved the production of a one-page document disclosing the important information regarding COVID-19 and frequent staff meetings to advise on any updates the UK Government have.  Customised Sheet Metal have produced hygiene policies that are posted within every toilet and public space and have provided staff with anti-bacterial wipes and gel combined with the standard health products including soap.  Like most businesses in the UK, we are closely following the UK Government and World Health Organisation official guidelines. This is to ensure that Customised Sheet Metal are educated regarding the nature of the virus and to continue safe and practical business operations within these difficult times.  For further information visit the Government website.

Customised Sheet Metal would like to thank you for your co-operation and understanding at this time. For any enquiries please contact us:  Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01656 664090

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