Bespoke architectural design

Customised Sheet Metal are experts at creating and manufacturing bespoke architectural design pieces. Specialising in unique, off-the-shelf designs, CSM can handle any design request.

We are specialists in creating bespoke architectural design products that suit you.

We’ve been designing and creating original, exquisite, and elegant products for nearly 30 years. In this time, we’ve been able to hone our process of delivering the perfect unique design for each individual customer.

Designing unique products is something we’re passionate about, and for years we’ve been creating work that we’re incredibly proud of. We provide an end-to-end service, meaning that we design, manufacture and deliver your bespoke product.

Keep reading to discover how our experience can help you, and if you’re inspired by some of our amazing past designs, our team would be happy to chat to discuss your needs.

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Bespoke architectural design

From gorgeous circular handrails, to brass coffee tables, metal gated bar decorations, and glass wall frames, we love nothing more than working on innovative designs that are aligned to your vision, even if it’s a little more experimental than a standard design.

We accommodate projects of all physical sizes, and whether you need just one product, or a bulk order, we can deliver your bespoke product to what you require.

We work with a range of materials to create your bespoke architectural design. So, whether you need a brass bar top, a stainless steel stair-rail, or a copper coffee table, we will collaborate with you to deliver the exact product you need.

Both our team and our industry-leading equipment are capable of handling any unique request. We invest time, money and training in our team to make sure every employee is up to date with the latest skills and industry knowledge to be able to expertly craft your individual design.

And if your design has complex or intricate moving parts, we use our specialist 5-axis machining to ensure precision and accuracy in your product.


End-to-end service

As part of our end-to-end service, using our experience in sheet metal fabrication, we will take your design from page to production.

Whether you already know what you want down to the finest detail, or you just have a basic brief, we can design and create the perfect product for you.

We can help decide which material is best for your project based on the properties you need your final product to encapsulate.

For example, your choice of material is likely to change depending on whether you need the product for indoor or outdoor use, the type of finish you require, , and whether the product needs to be durable enough to survive general day-to-day use.

Once we’ve completed the bespoke architectural design process, our manufacturing team will work with precision to create the final product ready for your approval.


Our work

As we’ve been creating bespoke architectural design products for nearly 30 years, we have a number of happy customers who have loved our work in creating their off-the-shelf product.

An artist’s display

British artist, Alex Beleschenko was delighted with his bespoke frame to display his years of glass installations.

Using aluminium, our team carefully considered the artist’s brief and crafted a made-to-measure frame to mount the artwork on.

Read the full case study here.


A staircase for an elegant newly-built house

A newly-built home in Bridgend required an elegant balustrade to fit in with the general design of the light, spacious, simple and contemporary house.

The client was delighted with the artistic staircase balustrade that we designed and developed for them.

Read the full case study here


Quality is key

We pride ourselves on our ability to create exciting and innovative designs that always fit your specifications, and are of the highest quality.

We love developing aesthetically pleasing bespoke architectural design projects that match your brief perfectly. We work with precision and care to guarantee exquisite end results for each individual order.

Our skilled designers and engineers are ready to handle your request – no matter how out of the ordinary they may be. We love a challenge and we are happy to work with you to create your bespoke product.



Are you looking for a piece bespoke architectural design for your home or for a professional project?

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