An introduction to crafted creative manipulation (CCM)

This image of a unique cabinet handle, manufactured from stainless steel with a polished surface finish, illustrates the pleasing contours, curves and form that can be achieved through the art of CCM.

CSM has long been involved in crafted creative manipulation, otherwise known as crafted creative manipulation (CCM), working with various sheet metal materials. Such materials include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and pewter, with other materials of choice also being considered depending on the work required. Depending on the product design, the thickness of the chosen material will range from 0.9mm up to 3mm. CCM is the art form of sheet metal working and manipulation.

CCM can be applied to the very simple, all the way through to the most complex shapes, creating sculptural design effects from a flat sheet of your chosen material. Curvaceous creations of pleasing shapes and forms, both visually and with functionality, are the trademark of CCM. There is also the option to create a finish of choice, including smooth industrial, matt finish, various textures, grain effect, various degrees of polish, rust effect and other pleasing patination finishes and colours.

CCM should not be confused with sheet metal fabrication, the latter being a more utilitarian approach resulting in a practical solution rather than a visually appealing piece of work. Of course, there is a requirement for both CCM and sheet metal fabrication when it comes to customer satisfaction. The benefit of working with CSM is our ability to take on challenging client requirements, as well as considering very low minimum order quantities (MOQs) in addition to very large quantities or a unique one-off requirement.

We also have our own in-house CAD capability, to transform your conceptual ideas into a creative design reality. We also work within your design and product specification, ensuring that we provide you with a product that is exactly fit for purpose. 

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